Saturday, 10 December 2016

Another Bag!

Having seen my button embellished hessian bag, my grand-daughter, Lucie asked me if I could make her a button bag but with orange buttons.

Orange is her favourite colour and has been for as long as I can remember. I set out looking for buttons. Orange is not a popular colour for buttons so I went to a button company in Harrogate, Yorkshire who solved my dilemma.

The end result is pictured below. Lucie is delighted with her shopping bag.


  1. A super button bag for Lucie, Ruth. I'm not surprised that she was delighted with it. xx

  2. We do what we have to for our grand children, don't we? The bag looks gorgeous!!

  3. I can certainly see why Lucie is thrilled with her orange button bag, Ruth! And how fun that you have a button factory you can visit! Thank you so much for the stunning Christmas card you sent me! I hope you blog it for all your other friends to see ~ it's beautiful!! Sending Happy Holiday hugs, Darnell